Content Management

Create and manage an organization’s digital materials with the following skills:

  • Write sharp, succinct SEO web copy that persuades, ranks, and converts
  • Some familiarity with HTML and CSS
  • Ability to interpret website analytics to better target, reach, and serve a specific audience
  • UI and UX Insight, maintain an understanding of what website elements are user friendly, and why
  • Technical and interpersonal skills to communicate with web developers, sales and marketing teams, and executives.

Recent Works:  Fetchmyvr & Fetch My Guest, Beach House Rentals , Scribbles Institute


Widening reach of a brand through conceptualizing, writing, editing and promoting engaging content with the following skills:

  • Knowledge of where to find readers and how to drive traffic with targeted keywordsand social media strategy
  • Understanding of SEO and SERP
  • Writing aptitude and excellent grammar
  • Some photography and Photoshop photo editing skills
  • Determination and discipline

Recent Works:  Fetchmyvr, Spontaneous Delight, Greenbox

Newsletter Campaigns

Run email marketing campaigns end-to-end with the following skills:

  • Experience with both Constant Contact and Mailchimp
  • Identify target audience and grow an email list
  • Design and implement catchy and engaging, direct email marketing campaigns informing readers of products, sales and events
  • Proofread emails for clarity, grammar and spelling
  • Interpret performance of campaigns and make improvements
  • Promote brand and ensure customers stay interested with brand’s updates

Recent Works: Capitola Village Event Promotion, Special Sale for Vacation Rentals 

Social Media Campaigns

Create, curate, and manage all published content across social channels including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube and Vimeo with the following skills:

  • Community management in the digital realm
  • Creative and strategic in posting to optimize certain hashtags, post times and trends
  • Maintain an organized and efficient social media calendar
  • Educated on and adaptive to new social media features and trends
  • Customer Service Expert
  • Analytical

View More: Capitola Village Facebook & Instagram, Fetchmyvr Twitter, Pinterest

Digital Optimization

An understanding of the digital optimization field, including:

  • Optimization methodology that applies to ‘owned experiences’, sites, apps, managed, and those delivered by the business
  • Skills to identify digital problems, ideate using data for solutions, and create a measurable optimization plan
  • Common optimization goals for different industries
  • Knowledge of cutting-edge digital optimization trends

View optimization test plan: Here

Instructional Design

Created Bibliographic Instructional Packet to teach elementary school students how to conduct safe searches for school research projects. Completed as a final assignment for an Information Reference class in the SJSU Master’s program.

View full site: Here

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